Have a friend or a partner who just loves to travel? Or is heading off on a big trip? Christmas will roll around again quick as a flash and there’s always a birthday coming up. So I’ve pulled together the ultimate list of Christmas gifts for backpackers. From super practical travel gifts to the perfect travel presents for when they just need a little luxury. These are the perfect Christmas gifts for people who love to travel. They are actually perfect to give any time of year and will make you look like the biggest legend going around.

1. A turkish Towel

Before I left home I was really debating what kind of travel towel to get. I hate those special quick drying towels as they never really dry you properly. Luckily a friend recommended a Turkish towel and it’s literally one of the best things I bought for my trip. Not only are they stylish, they’re also quick drying and actually dry you as well. They also make for a great blanket on buses or a cover up /scarf for temples. If you buy one Christmas gift for a traveler this year, make it this one.

DETAILS: Cost: $16.99 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

2. a portable power bank

A portable power bank will save your life when traveling and is the perfect Christmas gift for travel lovers. This power bank by Lenovo has enough power to charge your phone 5 times over. And is perfect for long bus rides and plane trips. I can’t live without mine.

DETAILS: Cost: $21.99 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

3. A Hydro flask Drink Bottle

These Hydro Flask drink bottles are actually incredible. They keep any liquid cold or hot for 24 hours. Therefore they are one of the most amazing gifts for travelers who love the beach or the snow. Imagine taking icy cold water to the beach for the day and not have it going as hot as tea after about an hour. Genius!

DETAILS: Cost: $44.95 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

4. A kindle Paperwhite

Are there any more perfect travel Christmas gifts for backpackers than Kindles? You’re able to carry 100 books in your pocket without all that weight. I would not have survived South America without mine! I love the Paperwhite as the screen is more like a book’s pages making it easier to read.

DETAILS: Cost: $99.99 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

5. go pro hero 5

This one is a little exxy so I’d save it for someone special. But for all your adventure photography needs you just can’t go past the Go Pro. It’s perfect for snorkeling, cycling and hiking. Activities your travel loving friend is bound to be doing on their trip.

DETAILS: Cost: $389.99 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

6. an audible subscription

This is a great travel gift for that buddy with motion sickness. Feeling ill every time you read in a car or a bus is terrible. Luckily audio books are now totally a thing and the Audible App has thousands of best selling books in audio form. A subscription is $15.99 USD per month and includes two free books.

DETAILS: Cost: $15.99 USD per month // Buy it here on Amazon.

7. aeropress coffee maker

Got a friend who’s an absolute coffee snob? Yes? Me too! Well, an Aeropress Coffee Kit is one of the perfect gifts for backpackers who love coffee. It’s small and compact and makes an excellent coffee in under 5 minutes. I’ve found the coffee all through South and Central America to be terrible, even though they have some of the best beans in the world. This little baby will solve all your problems!

DETAILS: Cost: $29.99 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

8. a Designer travel wallet

Even if you’re a broke backpacker having good quality travel essentials is still really nice. It’s important that items like travel wallets, shoes and jackets are good quality as they are things you rely on all the time. I love my Michael Kors travel wallet (a gift from my friends) as everytime I pull out my passport at borders I feel a lil’ special and think of them.

DETAILS: Cost: $108.99 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

9. A Colouring book

Newsflash colouring isn’t just for kids anymore. Colouring books for adults are a great way to pass time and make beautiful artwork. They are also amongst the perfect gifts for backpackers. Do something produtive while you wait for your flight or your bus. You can even turn some of them in to postcards to send home.

DETAILS: Cost: $9.99 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

10. luxury eye mask

A good quality eye mask is one of my top 8 hacks for surviving hostel life. It’s also one of the great gifts for people who travel. Pop this little baby on and sleep uninterrupted by light any time of day. Your travel loving friend will worship you for it.

DETAILS: Cost: $10.99 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

11.  a travel diary

This cute little Moleskine Travel Journal is the perfect little book for keeping all your travel memories. And if you’re wondering what to buy for someone who loves to travel or what to buy someone who travels then this is the perfect place to start.

DETAILS: Cost: $18.65 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

12. portable speakers

If you’re on the hunt for travel Christmas gifts for backpackers a set of portable speakers should definitely be at the top of your list. Especially if you’re travel loving buddy is also a music lover. These JBL Flip 4 Portable Speakers are compact and waterproof so are the perfect companion for the beach.

DETAILS: Cost: $88.99 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

13. noise canceling headphones

Studies have shown that noise canceling headphones can actually help with jet lag. So there’s a win right there. Not only do they help with jet lag they are a must-have for noisy bus rides. Especially in South America where it seems that the bus drivers have no eardrums as they pump the reggaeton as loud as possible on every bus trip. Looking for the perfect backpacking gifts for that travel loving friend? These Bose Headphones are a great option.

DETAILS: Cost: $279.99 USD // Buy it here on Amazon.

14. A memobottle

Christmas gifts for backpackers - Memobottle

These super cool slim design Memobottles were created by a couple of lads from Australia who are actually mates of mine. However, their water bottles are so cool I’d be recommending them anyway. They are slim-fit so easy to fit in any backpack and they just look super slick! The perfect travel Christmas presents.

DETAILS: Cost: Starting at $28 USD // You can buy one here.

15. the Ollo Clip 4-in-1 Lens

These are the must-have phone accessory for any traveller. The Ollo Clip 4-in-1 Lens clips on to the iPhone and allows you to take photos with different lenses – fisheye, wide-angle, or macro lens (10x and 15x) to be exact. Putting them amongst the best Christmas gifts for backpackers.

DETAILS: Cost: $79 USD // You can buy one here on Amazon.

Have more perfect Christmas gifts for backpackers? I’d love to know about them in the comments.

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